Why Did You Pick Dirtboy101?

     The question I get most is, "Why did you pick Dirtboy101" Well, heres the answer. When I was a little kid, I used to love to play in the dirt and mud. I would often tag along on the Boy Scout camping trips my brother would go on and I eventually became known as Dirtboy. Anyhow the name stuck and as for "101" I just picked a random number when i signed up for Youtube. And NO it's not Dirtyboy101 :)

Why Do You Like Titanic So Much?

I don't really know. It's just so intresting to me.

How Do You Build Your Ships?

Start with a keel and work your way up. Kinda like building a house, a very ship-ish house...

How Did You Make Your Ships Sink?

Put wieghts in the bow.

How Did You Make Your Ships Break?

I build my ships in two separate sections, bow and stern, and then I connect them with a 4 by 6 plate on the bottom and a quick release piece on the top.