Dirtboy101's Biography

     2 years ago, Aceospades1250 helped his little brother, Nathan, set up a Youtube channel so he could comment on videos. For a very long time, his channel went largly unrecognized by anyone. Then, he desided it was time to make a video. He took the process of making a large noise maker and turned it into a how-to video. After only a few months, almost all areas in his Youtube channel (like subscriptions, video views and ratings) went up. Enthralled by the success, he decided to make more and more videos, making him more and more pronounced in the Youtube community. For many videos, Nathan would show case what he did when he was bored during the weekends.

     Then, in late 2006 he watched the 1997 film Titanic by James Cameron. Inspired, he wanted to learn more about the tragedy. In the proccess, he stubled upon another rising channel named Johnnywood films (Later changed to Johnnylandfilms) This new channel had one video that fascinated Dirtboy101. it was a model of the RMS Titanic made out of Legos and sinking in a swimming pool. Inspired, he set out to build his own.

     After months of work, he had finnally finished his first model Titanic. It was the first Lego Titanic to ever be able to snap in two. With the use of mybo4's pool, Dirtboy101 was able to rig his first sinking. With mind boggling amounts of views under his belt, Dirtboy101 felt the need to build a better version of Lego Titanic. For this, he turned to a new software known as Lego Digital Designer (or LDD for short). Not much later, Lego Titanic 2 would be complete. It was an instant success. Boasting a wopping +210,00 views, it is the most viewed video to date. Still, he felt his ship could use improvements. This third ship would bring on a whole new world of realism to the fleet. It used scaling and reference pictures to guide the process, making it it more proportionate and recognizable. Once it was done, it would again be refitted to look even more realistic than before. Lego Titanic 3.4 was finnally done.